Art Therapy Clients Share their Stories & Artwork

Case Study 1:  7 Year old girl receiving Art Therapy to recover from Hurricane Katrina trauma
After a dramatic escape from the family house in which the flood water reached the rooftop, a brave seven year old girl found herself clinging to a tree limb to escape rising flood waters.  After this frightening event, the child's family became very concerned about the possible lasting effects of this traumatic experience.  The family sought help from Family Service.  The child is now being seen in Art Therapy once a week.  Through powerful creative expressions, she is sharing what she and her family endured during Katrina.   Click here to read the story of the family's tramatic escape and true heroics as written by the child's mother.

Case Study 2:  Family therapy with a single mom and a 5 year old daughter
A five year old girl is suffering from nightmares and extreme separation anxiety.  After witnessing domestic abuse, hiding in closets to escape the child's father' s frequent abusive outbursts and having the family house burn, the mother brought in her daughter for counseling. The child was seen in Art Therapy once a week.  In early sessions, The child drew pictures portraying monsters and scary animals attacking mother and baby horses.  Working with the child in her symbolic language, the Art Therapist helped the child conquer these fears by encouraging the child to draw cages around the monsters and to create "secret potions" and rituals to make the monsters go away.  The child's mother was also encouraged to participate in the drawing of the cages and fences as it was important for the child to see her mother symbolically controlling scary situations and helping to protect the baby horse.  Observing mom in this powerful role hekped to decrease the child's hyper vigilant state and reminded her that her mother was in control and could protect her.  Throughout therapy, the child continued to share her fears but also learned how to build her defenses and ask for help from mom.  Upon discharge from Art Therapy, the child was no longer experiencing nightmares, separated from mom easily and attended preschool willingly.

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