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Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge counsels and strengthens individuals and families improving their quality of life since 1955. Programs are provided to more than 14,000 families and individuals each year.

The Child and Family Counseling Center provides clinical services to children, individuals and families who need help in finding solutions to a wide range of emotional, behavioral and relationship problems.  

The HIV Prevention Program provides Rapid HIV testing, counseling and referral services, education/outreach, HIV Peer Prevention, education and support groups.  Risk Management (working with high risk clients individually to improve medical compliance) and Linkages (linking newly diagnosed clients to medical care and services).

The HIV Care Coordination and HIV Women & Children programs help clients access services, resources and programs that enhance health and well being.  Services include: case management, support groups, counseling, health/treatment education, transportation, childcare, financial assistance toward rent, mortgage, utilities, medication, eye and dental care.  All services are free.

The Parenting Center promotes healthy family development by providing ongoing workshops, consultations and classes to help parents increase their knowledge, skills and decision making in the important role of effective parenting.  The program offers parenting classes and professional workshops for parents, teachers and community groups focused on child development, strategies for effective parenting and a variety of classes that teach proactive methods that promote healthy social emotional growth in children.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Groups provide 52 weeks of counseling to perpetrators of violence by offering education, coping skills and support to help prevent recidivism of offence.

Supervised Visitation provides contact between a non-custodial parent, and one or more children in the presence of a third person. This person is responsible for observing and seeking to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

The Quality Star Program is designed to support and enhanced child care system for our state. Parents and the public are able to understand the quality of care provided in child care centers in their communities. They gain more understanding of the valuable work child care providers do in assisting families, nurturing the development of our state’s young children. Visit: for more information on this program.

 ViiV Positive Action Initiative provides intensive case management services for formerly incarcerated individuals who are HIV positive.  Services are designed to assist individual with linkage to care, medical adherence and supportive services.
For more information, please contact our offices:

PRS-Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services are designed to assist with eliminating functional deficits and interpersonal and/or environmental barries associated with mental illness.  Services ma be provided in home, school or other community setting where the individual lives.

Crisis Stabilization provides short -term and intensive supportive resources for youth and his /hers family to avoid out of home psychiatric and institutional treatment.

Administrative Offices . HIV/AIDS Prevention & Direct Services
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Child & Family Counseling .  The Parenting Center
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