Art Therapy for Children & Adults

art_therapy_1.jpgFamily Services of Greater Baton Rouge provides Art Therapy to both children and adult clients.

What is Art Therapy? Art therapy is a human service profession that uses the creative process as the primary form of expression. Through both verbal and non-verbal modes, art therapy encourages the development of an individual’s creativity as a vehicle for increased self-awareness, personal growth and resolution of emotional conflict. The artistic process, product and subsequent associations are all seen as reflections of the individual as a whole.

How is an Art Therapist trained? Art Therapists are professionals trained in both art and therapy and hold a Masters degree in Art Therapy. Upon completing their masters degree, they spend two years under clinical supervision and then apply to become registered with the American Art Therapy Association and take the national exam. Art Therapists have extensive training in both psychological theory and the visual arts. They are knowledgeable about human development, psychological theories, clinical practice, spiritual, multicultural and artistic traditions and the healing potential of art. They use art in treatment, assessment and research and provide consultations to allied professionals.

What is the difference between making art in therapy and Art Therapy? Although it is true that simply making art is often therapeutic, this is not synonymous with art therapy. The art created in Art Therapy is used to diagnose and treat the presenting problem.

Do you have to be an artist to be in Art Therapy? No. Art Therapy is not about making pretty or pleasing art. The work in Art Therapy is focused on the actual process of making art. The product is simply a piece of the process and not the primary focus.

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